Finding the elusive unicorns

AmeriCamp Premium

AmeriCamp Premium

The Best of the Best in International Staff

AmeriCamp is pleased to offer our Premium Position Program. Designed to bring you the best of the best in international staff, AmeriCamp has a dedicated team in the UK recruiting highly skilled participants in those activity areas you most need.

Through strategic alliances with premier organizations, our goal is to provide you with those true unicorns possessing advanced skills, additional years of teaching and/or coaching, extensive experience, and a wealth of expertise in specialized areas.
Premium Features

Why Choose Premium?

Access to Hidden Gems
Unearth exceptional candidates
who often remain undiscovered
through conventional methods.
Tailored Solutions
Benefit from a customized
approach that aligns with your
camps unique needs and culture.
Time is Money
Save valuable time by outsourcing
the time-consuming tasks of
candidate sourcing, screening, and
initial assessments.
Expertise at Your Service
Leverage the insights and skills of
seasoned recruitment professionals
who know how to identify,
evaluate, and secure top-tier talent.

Unicorn Positions

AmeriCamp is pleased to offer the following positions as part of this unique program.  Belowyou will find the positions for which we will be recruiting along with the level of qualificationthey will hold.

Canoeing /Kayaking

BCU Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport or above / BCU Level 2+.

2 years working at coaching level and/or 3 years’ experience in canoe or kayak at university or club level.

Powerboat Driving

RYA Powerboat Level 1 or above / Motorboat Driver’s License / British Water-ski & Wakeboard Ski Boat Driver Award (SBDA) / SBD1 and above (ski boat driver).

2+ years experience boat driving.


RYA Qualifications Intermediate + / RYA Dinghy Instructor / RYA Dinghy Sailing Level 2+.

2+ years coaching sailing and/or 3+ years sailing at club or university level.


British Water-ski Coaching Award Level 1 + / 1st 4Sport Level 2 + / BWCA Level 2 - Cable Wakeboard Coach / UKCC Level 2 Waterski & Wakeboard Coaching Qualification.

2+ years coaching waterski/wakeboarding and/or 3+ years experience in activity at club or university level


Demonstrated understanding of golf rules, techniques and strategies, including proper swing mechanics, putting techniques, and course management skills.

1+ years coaching and/or 3+ years’ experience in activity at club or university level.


UKCC Level 1 or above British Gymnastics Level 2 +/ General Gymnastics & Trampoline Gymnastics / + / 1st4Sport Level 1 + Award in Coaching Gymnastics.

2 years working at coaching level and/or 3 years’ experience in gymnastics with apparatus at university or club level.


LTA Level 1 + / 1st 4Sport Level 1 + / UKCC Level 1 + / PTR Qualification - Formal coaching is required.

2+ years coaching and/or 3+ years playing tennis at club or university level.


British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (BHSAI) + / UKCC Level 1 + / EQL Level 1+ (Equestrian Qualifications GB Limited) / Pony Club C +.

2+ years riding and competing and/or Teaching and coaching riding for 3+ years.

Ceramics /Pottery /Kiln

Degree in or studying fine arts with focus on ceramics, knowledge in wheel throwing, kiln work and glazing, ability to teach in these techniques.

1+ years teaching and/or 3+ years in study or working with pottery.


Portfolio to include photo editing, multiple styles, hold a degree or studying; darkroom experience a plus; experience with editing across multiple platforms.

2+ years of experience.


Portfolio to include video editing, multiple styles, hold a degree or studying; experience with editing across multiple platforms.

2+ years of experience.


Skills to teach include: Silks, Hammocks, Lyra, Spanish Web, Rolla Bolla, along with Static, Single, Double, and Triple Trapeze.

2+ years in activity and/or 1+ years teaching.
How it works

A simple process

  • Step 1
    Make sure to connect with your trusty Account Manager and confirm you are interested in the Premium applicants! Once you have signed your annual Host Camp Agreement (HCA), you will be ready to start hiring.
  • Step 2
    We want to know which positions you hope to fill from our Premium candidates. Send us your detailed positions list... all those unicorns!
    Send List
  • Step 3
    Once we know your hiring goals, we will begin to send you those amazing applicants to review via your Camp Portal. You can also search for our Premium applicants using the Premium Filter. Just log in and get started!


The Premium Program is priced according to the level of expertise our candidates have.  With our dedicated Premium Program Manager, we are positioned for unique access to these Premium candidates. Please note: The Premium applicants will only be from the UK at this time.
Camp Fee
Paid to AmeriCamp.
Pocket Money
Sevis Fee
Fee Category
Premium Program
Program fees are based on a 63 day /9 week contract.
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