For Participants

Eligibility & Fees

The ideal international camp applicant


  • 18 or older by May 1 of the program year
  • Proficient in spoken English
  • Be able to supervise and interact with American youth
  • Be a student, youth worker, teacher or individual with specialized skills (such as team sports, water sports, arts & crafts to name a few)
  • Experienced or interested in working with children from the ages of 8-15 (although there are some camps for adults)
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about learning new customs and cultures
  • Free of criminal history and able to provide a local background check

Program requirements

  • Application
  • Medical History
  • Interview
  • References
  • Background Check
  • Certificates

Program fees and costs

Our fees are comprised of the following major components:
  • Application
  • DS-2019 Form
  • Interview Fee
  • Health Insurance
Your actual fees are determined by your local AmeriCamp partner representative. Fees will change by country, market, exchange rate and the level of service that a partner provides to the participant. Some partners offer different levels of service, including job interview skills, English classes, job training, etc. and therefore charge more for their services.

Pocket money

During your time as a camp counselor, you will earn a stipend in the form of pocket money.  This pocket money is predetermined and will be based on participant age and experience level. Combined with program services and support provided by AmeriCamp, along with room and board provided by camp, your estimated earnings and benefits will equate to average earning of $2,800 over a 2.6-month period.  Your pocket money will be specified in your placement offer.

Like everyone else who works in the U.S., you too have to pay your taxes, but because of international treaties and since you will not be utilizing services intended for American citizens and residents like Social Security, Medicare, or Federal Unemployment, you do not have to pay all of them.
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